The Kitchen Unnecessary Library

Since this project began we have been amassing an ever growing library of useful and inspiring books to educate myself on everything from the health benefits to nettles to the art of fly fishing. Here is our ever-growing list of essential (and perhaps some non-essential) books for growing your outdoor cooking and adventuring library.


Outdoor Cooking

by Gill Meller

I’ve only recently added this book to my collection and I can not wait to be continually inspired and educated by it. In this small (in stature) book Gill packs in loads of information about cooking with fire in various forms. He makes the often intimidating task feel approachable and is joy is infectious. 

Food From the Fire

by Niklas Ekstedt

Niklas is a world-class wood fire chef. His Scandinavian heritage is infused into each one of these recipes. Although he is a restaurant chef these recipes feel approachable and yet each inspires and elevated over-the-fire dining experience.

Finding Fire

by Lennox Hastie

A stunning book with recipes that could happily appear at any fine dining restaurant. I love that each recipe provides the type of wood recommended for the recipe.


Seven Fires

by Francis Mallmann

One of the original fire chefs. Francis introduces the world to the seven Argentinian technique for cooking with fire. I use this book for reference for fire cooking methods as I’m not as inspired by the recipes as I am with other books.



by Langdon Cook

Upstream tells the story of wild salmon and explores the many facets...

All Fishermen Are Liars

by John Gierach

John Gierach just might really be the best fishing writer. He’s certainly our front runner. He finds a way to put express how fly fishing makes you feel and captures the nuances of this beautiful pastime that keep us all returning to the water.


Mushroom Hunters

by Langdon Cook

Langdon was our knowledgeable guide foraging for Burn Morels on our James Beard nominated episode. His story telling of the characters in the mushroom world is fascinating and will inspire you to get out to find your own prized (and delicious) fungi. Langdon also hosts a variety of fun and education outdoor field trips foraging on land and at sea.

A Field Guide to Edible Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest

by Daniel Winkler

Our guide from episode one wrote an incredible handy reference for the edible mushrooms found in the PNW. It fits easily into your foraging bag for on-the-go identification.

Books to read while outside

Braiding Sweetgrass

by Robin Wall Kimmerer

A beautifully written book on the intrinsic and reciprocal relationship of earth and humanity. Written from the perspective of a professor of botany and a native american. After reading this book I stepped out into the world with a completely different perspective.

Also, check out Gathering Moss by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Desert Solitude

Edward Abbey

My brother bought me a copy of this book and I tend to keep it in my pack. I love picking it up to read what Utah (Arches National Park) was like back in the 1960’s. Abbey has a way of describing nature in a pure sense that you can feel as you read along.

Preservation and Conservation

Eat Like a Fish

by Bren Smith

Bren’s writing is honest and infectiously rough around the edges. He uses his vast experience in the fishing industry to teach on the devastation that has occurred and provides a clear picture of hope through the ocean farming path he has followed. His passion is for education, conservation and seaweed.

Modern Huntsman

This stunning quarterly magazine is a collection of stories about the practice of hunting and those who continue to hunt for pleasure and with a passion for conservation. You’ll often find a copy sitting on our coffee table at is one of the most visually stunning publications I’ve seen. 

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