Kitchen Unnecessary wouldn't be possible without the support of our Partners. We are very fortunate to work with brands and their products that we use regularly and we are proud to share them.


We featured their Adventure Cooler (16qt.) which is super insulated and has a leak proof gasket seal. They told us it fits 21 cans, but we prefer to measure the capacity by pounds of fresh oysters.

Also featured was their Cocktail Shaker which was already a part of our camping kit. Insulated and rugged, it's the perfect way to enjoy your favorite cocktail outdoors.


Barebones Living

May as well look good while you get out of the city and forage for supplemental sustenance. With the Barebones Harvesting & Gathering Bag you get both form and function.

Also featured are their rugged yet rechargeable lanterns that accompany many of our outdoor adventures.


Borne of Fire Wine

This local Washington produced wine is a perfect pairing with our foraged burn morels. A well balanced Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from a new AVA where early settlers burned their fields every autumn to restart the soil. A wonderful pairing for our dinner as well as our campfire.


Lucini Olive Oil

We love cooking with a nice Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and have found ourselves often reaching for Lucini both at home and over the campfire. Lucini makes a great everyday olive oil that we love as well as a premium version for those special meals.