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Outside cooking is not just for the summer, this series shows you the magic of cooking seasonal ingredients outside all year long. Rain or shine – or snow, Ashley Rodriguez and her guests will take you outside to show you how to embrace cooking outdoors.

Each episode we will show you how to plan, prep and prepare a seasonal and local menu that you can prepare and enjoy outside.

Cooking outside with seasonal and local ingredients we do not sacrifice taste or technique but we add a whole new layer of experience and create memories that last long after the food is gone.


Our Crew

Director / Chris Baron
Host / Ashley Rodriguez
Cinematographer / John Harrison
Cinematographer / Bryan Tucker
Production Coordinator / Julie Hubert
Content Producer / Gabe Rodriguez




Episode One

In this episode Ashley meets up with author, local and international wild food legend, and the VP of the Puget Sound Mycological Society, Daniel Winkler. Together in a rain soaked forest they search for mushroom gold; the chanterelle. They set up a small campfire in the woods and cook together a meal that features all the flavorful fungi they found in the woods. In this episode we learn how to make a simple, warm cocktail in the woods as well as a warm mushroom salad, pizza in a cast iron pan and we make Fondue in a pumpkin topped with our elusive chanterelles. Behind the Scenes -->


Episode Two

Oysters, Clams, and Geoduck are in their prime in the winter but with the best hunt at zero tide that means late nights on the beach in the cold. Our expert guide for this episode is Shina Wysocki, a 2nd generation oyster farmer and owner of Chelsea Farms. Watch as Ashley and Shina don headlamps and lanterns in search of the Pacific Northwest’s most prized ingredients and set up camp to cook their catch once daylight hits. Behind the Scenes -->



Langdon Cook, a wild food author and educator takes us into the "burn zone"; the site of a recent forest fire, where we search for prized morel mushrooms. With a bucket full of Fire Morels we cook a three-course feast all over the fire featuring our wild food finds.



We're always looking for the next adventure, new gear to get into nature and cook with as well as brands to collaborate with. Please reach out if you've got any location or equipment suggestions or if you're a brand looking to get your product out in nature with our crew. We'd love to hear from you.

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