Ember Cooked Cheese with Rosemary Ash

Serves 4 -If you’re looking for something that will truly impress but over the fire cooking still intimidates a bit then I urge you to give this “recipe” a try. I say recipe loosely because really it’s more of a method. And even to call it that gives me pause. Cheese goes in a pan and fire melts the cheese. Boom. Done.

It’s the perfect snack for lingering around the fire. If the cheese firms up simply return it to the fire. By the end of the meal it may not look as appetizing but the taste continues to wow.

1 wheels Camembert, triple cream or Brie cheese
4 rosemary sprigs
Bread or crackers for serving

Place the cheese in a small cast iron skillet and set in the fire. Surround the cheese with a few hot coals. Burn the rosemary in the fire then scatter over the cheese.