Spicy Tequila Oyster Shooters

Besides sitting near the warmth of the embers I can think of no better way to warm up after a midnight shellfish adventure. Served straight in the shell you can leave the space in your backpack you would have taken up to pack glassware for more tequila.

Makes 8 oyster shooters

1 slice jalapeno

2 slices cucumber

5 mint leaves

2 oz tequila

1 lime, cut into wedges

8 oysters, shucked but kept in the shell


Add the jalapeno, cucumber slices, and mint leaves to the bottom of a Stanley cocktail shaker. Gently muddle until the ingredients are lightly crushed and fragrant. Fill the shaker with ice, and add the tequila. Replace the lid then shake vigorously.

Pour about 1/4 ounce over each oyster then finish with a squeeze of lime. Serve straightaway.